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Who is the alchemist behind the magic?
Owner and Witch of Black Fire Alchemy

Welcome! My name is Dorothy, I’m the owner and alchemist behind all the creations here. Black Fire Alchemy started out as a desire for me to feel more connected to the divine and to explore my own spiritual path. I'm still very new at it but I'm always learning and transforming! I'd love to share what I've learned with you! 

I am always looking for new ways to find the spirit in my own life and I have been quietly pursuing a pagan centered path since about 2002, only recently becoming more interested in practicing witchcraft. To offset some of my shortcomings in knowledge I consult with more experienced practitioners like my dear friend at About ( They help me create authentic and effective products.


How do I do that? The first step in any ritual or spiritual working is intent, and all of my products start from there. Once the intention is set I use fragrances and natural additives combined to create a truly spiritual experience! My products can help you to cleanse yourself of negativity, prepare for ritual or even protect your energies from harm. All you have to do is hold your intent and allow your spirit to soar as my products boost your energies and help you manifest!


I am honored and humbled by the support my business has received and I look forward to helping you to stay connected and find your own spirit!