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If you have questions this is where you will find the answers! But wait, what if you can't find the answer you're looking for! Never fear! You can reach out to me through my Contact page, and I will answer any questions I can! 


Frequently Asked Questions


  • What do you sell?
    • I sell handmade soaps and bath salts for ritual bathing as well as handcrafted witchy decor and altar Items.
  • How do I care for my handmade soaps
    • Keep them in a dry place and allow them to dry thoroughly between uses. Consider placing the soap into a soap bag, or organza bag, which can be used in place of a loofa and then hung up to dry or placing the soap in a soap dish that provides adequate drainage. Never allow your soaps to sit in standing water.
  • How soon will I receive my order?
    • Items are typically shipped in 1-5 days, holiday shipping times vary based on the volume of orders. I ship by USPS first class and priority mail which typically takes 3 days for your order to arrive. For more information take a look at my shipping polices here.

  • Do you ship internationally?
    • At this time I do not ship outside of the United states. For more information take a look at my shipping polices here.
  • What are your return and refund policies?
    • Due to the very personal nature of bath products I do not accept returns on soaps or bath salts, but if there are any issues with your order please contact me and I will do my best to address them. For more information see my refund policy here
    • I accept returns on witchy decor and altra items within 30 days of your order. Your refund will be processed within 1-5 days of receipt of the returned product. Please contact me to make return/refund arrangements. For more information see my refund policy here
  • Are your soaps 100% natural?
    • No. I do my best to only use high quality sustainably sourced ingredients, but there are some essential oils that are difficult to source sustainably and so in an effort to do as little harm as possible I substitute synthetic fragrances in the place of certain essential oils. I also use some pigmented micas for colors that can’t be created using natural ingredients.
  • Do you use Palm Oil in your soaps?
    • No. All of my soaps are made palm free. Although there are sustainably and ethically harvested sources for palm oil it is my choice at this time to not use it.
  • Do you use coconut oil in your soaps?
    • Yes, at this time all of my soaps contain coconut oil. 
  • Are your soaps vegan?
    • No. I occasionally use lard in my soaps. But I never test any products on animals!
  • How do I use your ritual soaps?
    • You can use them in a shower or bath as you would any other soaps. As with other types of magic it’s all about intention, before you bathe decide what that intention is then hold it in your mind or state it verbally as you wash. Nothing too complicated. My soaps were created for people who need a quick and simple solution to add a bit of ritual to their day. 
  • Are you an eco-friendly company?
    • Yes, or at least I try to be, there is always room for improvement! I reuse shipping materials, recycle what I can, and I buy recycled and recyclable envelopes and boxes. I am always looking for more sustainably sourced ingredients and I do my best to not use single use items in the making of my products.